What we do

Rêve Tourism Marketing is a hotel representation company offering in-market UK sales and marketing services to our hotel clients. We offer a young and dynamic approach to the UK hotel representation sector. 

With our wide range of services and our dedicated team, we offer a cost-effective way to penetrate the UK market and ensure that our clients' hotels are kept 'top of mind' of the travel trade.

We pride ourselves of our experience and in-depth knowledge of the travel industry as well as our wide network of business contacts at all levels.

We specialise in promoting hotels in beach destinations as well as in Africa due to our extremely strong destination knowledge in those areas. With our competitive fee structure, we make it affordable for our hotel clients to have a sales and marketing office in the UK.

With our day to day presence on the market and a constant communication with all layers of the travel trade, we aim to create availability and awareness of our clients' hotels on the UK market.

Availability is the first step; it is the fact that a hotel is available for consumers to buy, known as the tour operator distribution network. At Rêve Tourism Marketing, we ensure that our clients' hotels are featured and offered by the UK travel trade which is an essential booking mechanism when booking leisure travels. Consumers are all different and are often looking for a different experience when booking their travels, which is why there is a wide variety of tour operators in the UK targeting different segments of the market. Rêve Tourism Marketing understands the importance of targeting all these different tour operators in order to reach a broader audience and widen the exposure of our client's hotels on the UK market.

Awareness is the second step; once our clients' hotels are available for the consumers to buy, Rêve Tourism Marketing ensures that the travel trade is aware that the hotels are available, knows what they are about, and keeps them 'top of mind'. There are two layers of the travel trade that needs to be targeted; the tour operator reservation consultants and the travel agents. At Rêve Tourism Marketing, we provide face to face training to the tour operator reservation consultants as well as the major travel agents. We also use other sales & marketing tools, such as e-newsletters and networking events, to reach a wider travel agent audience.

Our services include:

  • Day to day representation on the UK market to develop the market, including account management, constant communication, meetings and training sessions, Identification and implementation of marketing activities
  • E-newsletters
  • Sales Missions
  • Familiarisation trip
  • Assistance in World Travel Market planning
  • Attend networking events as well as trade and consumer shows
  • And, much more...